Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register with TSI?
Any Toronto girl who would like to date through the Shidduch system is able to register with TSI. All of our workshops and knowledge regarding different shadchanim will be available to everyone. 
Why are you collecting my registration information, including my resume and picture, if provided?
One of the goals of TSI is to encourage shadchanim to call our office to learn more about Toronto girls. When shadchanim call, they may not have a specific girl in mind, but rather a general type of girl that they are looking for.  By having your information available, we will be able to determine if you are part of the girls he or she is looking for and we can give that information to the shadchan. By registering, you are agreeing that we can provide your resume to shadchanim who have registered with us. We will only provide pictures if you have agreed that we may do so.
In addition, shadchanim registered with TSI will have the ability to access your information on our secure data base, in order to enable them to work on shidduchim on your behalf with greater ease.
Who will be able to see my registration information?
All information that comes to our office will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be accessible to our office administrator and registered shadchanim.
Why do you ask for a picture?
Even if you do not give permission for us to give out your picture, it is important for us to have one on file.  Sometimes a picture can be used by the office/shadchan as a reminder of who you are and it may even help inspire an idea for a shidduch.  Again, a picture will only be disclosed if you have agreed to it.
Will you be hiring shadchanim? 
No.  We are not shadchanim.  TSI is here to act a resource to Toronto girls in shidduchim, boys dating Toronto girls, as well as to encourage existing shadchanim to redt shidduchim to Toronto girls.  In addition, our goal is to encourage new people to become shadchanim by raising awareness of the issues confronting Toronto and making it easier for them become active by having an office to help guide them. Further, we will be encouraging shuls and other groups to create grassroots shidduch groups to help brainstorm ideas for their friends and families.
If TSI is going to pay a shadchan if the shidduch makes it to a second round of dates, won’t the shadchan put extra pressure on girls to make sure they go out again?
We believe that people who redt shidduchim truly have the best interests of the parties involved and would not apply inappropriate pressure.   However, TSI bonuses are not paid for the first couple of dates to avoid any conflicts.  Hopefully, after two dates, a girl will feel confident in her decision to go out for a third time. Often shadchanim will push a third-date regardless of payment if he/she feels its worthwhile.
What if I feel badly to go out a third time? I know it will cost TSI money and I’m just not sure if this boy is the one.
Please don’t feel that way.  Our community is an extremely generous one.  Many gladly support our schools and other chesed organization in order to help others.  In fact, our frum infrastructure could simply not exist were it not for others helping others.  TSI is simply another chesed organization that is funded by the community to help our community.  The community cares about you and wants to help you.  If the shidduch doesn’t work out, that is fine.  The community wants to make sure that you give it the best shot possible.